Fayetteville NC Area Motorcycle Riders

This group was created to keep all area bikers in the loop on what events and rides are going on and further educate riders on the motorcycle community , and to also give us a fun area to talk about bikes and riding. Feel free to invite other riders you know and post info on rides and meet up spots, mechanical advice as well as items you may have for sell. AND IF YOU HAVE ANY DRAMA, LEAVE IT OUTSIDE THIS GROUP!!!. It is ok to give your fellow riders something to look at (Pic wise) other than motorcycles, but please keep it reasonable. If u are sent an event on your personal page that is bike or charity related, please share the link (Copy & Paste) so we can all be informed.

MEMBERSHIP: The admins reserve the right to remove and/or permanently ban any member for any reason at any time. This right is reserved in order to keep order in the group, and will be used at discretion when deemed necessary. The good of the whole is the priority in these decisions. “Second chances” may be given, depending on the nature of the infraction and the perceived sincerity of the person requesting to rejoin. This group is a privilege, not a right. We expect everyone to be respectful.

If you feel your comments may be taken wrong because you are sarcastically joking, please put (S*) at the end of your statement to prevent any confusion.
It took a lot of friendship and man (woman) power to make this group successful, and we intend to keep it that way.

PLEASE enjoy this group, not abuse it!