Golden Chopsticks in Australia ( những địa điểm ăn ngon ở Úc)

Welcome to Golden Chopsticks in Australia-
there is no love greater than the love of food

with the main goal to create opportunity for everyone make new friend and share their passion about good taste of food and beverage

so let share your amazing foods adventures with the world

★This is a group for lover's of food, fine cuisine, ethnic specialties, fun and whimsy, home-cooking and delicacies. Bring your appetities, share recipes, photos, videos, clips from culinary shows, happenings, tastings, events, expos, trade shows, bake offs, cook offs, and any garnish you care to share.

★ As our group grows to all corners of the earth, and so many cultures and traditions are being shared, we ask that you INTRODUCE your recipes with some personal, family or cultural information about your creations, so those from other parts of the world can get a better "taste" of your offerings!

★ Chefs, Authors and Restaurant owners are asked not to post ads, unless they are with a FOOD photo [with description], and not more than once every other week. Also, we are hoping you will share Title, Recipes and tips per posting, and any history, personal experience and/or advice with us when you are able. And when possible, please advise, comment and share your knowledge with our non-professional food enthusiasts when they put out requests for assistance!

THANKS in advance!!!! Look forward to your beatuiful photos!

Please note as group policy, some posts will be removed without notice

+ We will delete anything post that no food related and picture of feedbacks from customer from food sellers

+after 10pm everyday, only restaurant and foods suggestion post are allowed, any food seller advertisement shall be deleted

+to protect the benefits of all members, the food sellers are required to used their real facebook identity

+to maintain the fair go policy so everyone will have opportunity to see other post, all sellers are only allowed to post the advertisement once a day and all self comment to push the ads shall be deleted, there are no limitation to all members who post restaurant recommendations

+Violation of rules for posting
Members who violate the these rules of posting will be warned. Consecutive violating this rule may cause members to be removed from the group.
Members who violate the second time, they will be banned immediately and removed from the group permanently.

*****please note, we take food safety and food hygiene very seriously, all sellers must keep obligation to keep the high level of cleanliness at all time. There is no tolerance for any violation report to us

Eric Le
Founder of Golden Chopsticks
live with inspiration and eat with passion