Tabulam Hook Ups Buy/Sell

Don't post SOLD unless you intend to buy!
If the seller has posted an item for a member, then NAMED PERSON has 1st option regardless, so no trying to undercut & putting sold on named post.

NO GUZUMPING - members caught offering more than listed price and members offering to pay for free items will be removed....try and you are permanently banned

NO AUCTONING - there is a place called Ebay when you can bid, take it there as its not allowed here... try and you are permanently banned

Please be honest, respectful to each other, and ensure you have good communication. Notify the buyer/seller in a timely manner, if you are unable to make the schedule pick up time.

No more than 5 photos to be posted at any one time, an alternative is to post an album. When posting items, only post the same items once daily. Then bump, or repost (but please delete old post first).

Please keep any *BUMPING OF POST TO ONCE EVERY 24 HRS*. (this includes the first listing).

On all uploaded photos, please include a brief description, condition, pick up location (ie: kempsey or a particular suburb), and PRICE or ONO.... 'MAKE AN OFFER IS NOT A PRICE', you know what you want so either price it or dont post it.
If you have lots of items please create an album in either the group or your profile photo section and post a link. This is to avoid the page filling to quick, and becoming cluttered.

DONT HIJACK OTHER MEMBERS ADS, if you the have the same sort of item then do your own ad, members caught posting their items for sale on another members listing will have there post removed, if continues to post on other members post their items for sale that said member will be removed.

No spam

No offensive language or inappropriate material

Please respect all members of this group. Zero tolerance for bullying, name calling and troublemakers. Admin will remove you without warning.

Photos/albums will be deleted after one month of no activity (either from posting the image or last bump/comment)

Please delete your wall post and ESPECIALLY PHOTOS once your item has sold, Members who are warned and still continue to not remove sold items will be removed from the group until they acknowledge the site rules.

BUSINESSES ADVERTISING: there is no Businesses advertising allowed.

By joining this group you agree to and are bound by the Group Rules.

If you have any issues, questions or feedback please contact Admin by putting a post on the wall or use message button.

Admin take no responsibility for transactions in this group. You buy & sell at your own risk. Group admin reserve the right to restrict member’s access to the group at any time.

Admin take no responsibility for problems which may arise through transactions between individuals in this group. BUY AND SELL FAIRLY AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION & RISK.