Beyond The Curriculum: Sensitive Issues of LDS Homeschooling Moms

PLEASE READ...As LDS homeschooling mothers, sometimes we have problems handed to us that we don’t know how to solve. Some are as simple as bedtime routines & homeschooling with young children. Other times, the more complex issues of ADD/ADHD, autism, abuse, adoption, divorce & other unique events can really make things challenging.

This forum is exclusively for LDS mothers who are homeschooling. This is not a place to discuss curriculum (that's what every other LDS homeschool group on FB is for). This is for discussions about other things that you'd like feedback on from other LDS homeschooling women. Please be aware that there are 3 prerequisites to being in this support group:

1-You must be a practicing member of the LDS church.
2-You must be homeschooling, currently.
3-You must be a woman.

If we cannot ascertain by your FB profile that the 3 above prerequisites are met, we will request more information. Please be aware that we discuss all kinds of topics, some of which are not for the faint hearted. If you are willing to meet these challenges, please proceed

Involvement-We want to be, as the scriptures say, actively engaged in doing good. In order to know one other, we must engage with each other. We don't want to compel you to a standard or define involvement with a rule. Simply have regular, committed involvement on posts & comments with each other. It need not be more than once ever 2-3 months. However, if you have no activity for longer than 3 months we will assume that you're no longer interested or your schedule does not allow participation. Unlike other FB groups, we require activity & will remove lurkers.

Respect-The Hippocratic Oath says, "First, do no harm." Please show respect for others & their experiences. Posts & comments should be made with support & love in mind, not with an agenda or to correct an opposing view. Keep negative comments or judgments to yourself. Respect each other as the Savior would. Anyone found to be gossiping, bashing or repeatedly making others uncomfortable will be removed.

Solicitations-There is to be no product, service, blog or event advertising on this page. This includes non-profit. If someone asks about a particular product/service, please post comments in that particular thread. Advertising posts will be deleted. Repeat offenders may be removed from the group.

Be supportive of gospel standards-At times we question the whys of particular gospel issues. Posts made to increase faith, resolve conflict & gain perspective are welcome. Willful promotion of views contrary to the church standards is not acceptable.

Administrators reserve the right to deny or revoke membership from anyone for any reason & without notice. We also reserve the right to delete any post or any comment at our discretion & without explanation. We apologize in advance if we offend anyone by being too selective. It can be a very tough call, & we don't take it lightly. Thank you for understanding. 9-23-14