Geisha Wigs Community Group

This is the new Geisha Wigs community group! Feel free to discuss anything here (for just wig talk the Geisha Wigs group is the best one to go to), but please make sure of the following (this is a very brief and temporary list, I will refine this as soon as I can):

Absolutely no wig sales, wig store recommendations or wig swapping of any sort in this group.

Trigger Warnings must be posted before going into any detail of anything that may upset or offend people.

Anybody found to be harassing or bullying anyone will be removed from the group, no warning (please note that this action would only occur after extreme behaviour, I would message people first before considering this in pretty much most cases).

This is not the place to ask about wig orders or queries, please email [email protected] instead (after checking the information on the website).

Please think before typing, this may sound like common sense, but this group is for people to feel safe and happy to talk to others so I am hoping we can all get on :) Any problems please do message me.

I will be the only admin of this group, and am extremely busy working so please don't take offence if I am slow to reply to a message or comment, I will try my best though! ♥