Event Medical Staff Jobs UK

Event Medical Staff Jobs UK is primarily for those seeking and offering event medical work, including ambulance and patient transport work too. Members agree to the following rules:

1. No advertising of any item for sale.
2. No advertising of non-related jobs or recruitment agencies, sites, etc.
3. No advertising of any training courses without the express prior consent of admin. The wording of any advert must be pre-approved and you must offer a suitable discount to group members which must be clearly notified in the advert body.
4. Only admin can approve membership requests. Generally those based outside of the UK and without profile information showing some kind of medical connection will be refused. This is to filter out spammers, something which we are generally good at keeping out of this group.
5. Respect each other's options, no derogatory remarks or comments, and no foul language.
6. Admin's decision on any matter is final.

If you breach these rules then you may have your posting removed, receive a PM to remind you to follow the rules, be suspended/removed/blocked from the group.

Tips: If accepting work from someone be sure to establish a written agreement stating who you are working for, rate and terms, full contact details of who will pay you and when. Get this signed before agreeing to work. Never work for someone when the only details you have for them is a mobile number and/or Facebook profile or PM...be sensible or you may not get paid. There are rogues in this industry too sadly.

If you agree to work then turn up as agreed and act professionally at all times. Don't exaggerate your qualifications or experience. Always make sure you are adequately insured too.