Arbonne in Charlottetown!

Hello Ladies!

I have recently become an Arbonne Consultant. If you have never heard of this company before, let me share a little about it. Arbonne is a Swiss company in which offers botanical (plants, nuts, fruits, etc.) base products. We have something for everyone. Our products range for a number of consumers; men, women, babies! Anyone can use it. We have facial products for all types of skin. I'm sure we can find something that will suit your needs!!

I am going to be hosting about 4 parties a month. At these parties you will be able to learn, try and purchase Arbonne products. We will have snacks and drinks for all our guests and it can be lots of fun! Arbonne is for everyone and is an amazing company that has already brought so much positiveness to my life in the short amount of time I have been aware of it!

So this group is mainly to allow you guys to be able to be notified of the parties and NEW products :)

If anyone has ANY questions don't hesitate to message me :) Hope to hear from you soon!