Get Paid for your Referrals

Small Business Owners who would like to refer Business to others, get referrals, pay for the refferals and get paid in return. This is not a bartering of businesses but reward for referrals can be in the form of cheques, gift cheques, gift cards or actual gifts once the business happens.
Please feel free to post your business and your website so people can get to know you. Explain your service and who you are looking for as referrals. In the Files section put up a short Bio, your referral bonus and how you will reward your referral.
Right now we have started a Showcase Your Business Event & every week starting every Sunday one particular Business owner gets 7 days of Bragging Rights (:) to talk about their business & about themselves & their family. It also helps others to know more, deep into who that person is, & may be even a chance to meet sometime if they haven't already met. There are some amazing business people in here. So buck up & post your Bio.

To do this just go to the Files tab on the upper right hand corner of the main page & download the lastest Member Bio document. Insert all your information (see other examples) & your referral rewards & then save & upload again.

Thank you. If you have any questions please private message me.