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Founded on September 1, 1997

One of the nicest things about owning a bus is meeting the many people from many walks of life, with the stories they can tell about the places they have been; the good times, sometimes the not so good times and all of the wonderful memories they have lived in between.

The view from up here is the best it gets. The freedom of traveling full- or part-time is indescribable. The North American Continent has the most beautiful, awe inspiring and unforgettable scenic wonders the world has to offer and you can see it all from a unique, safe and very comfortable perspective... in your very own motor coach!

If your dream is to own a bus and do some serious traveling in the biggest and safest motorhome in the world, we understand your excitement and want to assure you that almost everyone who owns a bus now was once in your shoes.

If you are actively seeking to buy and build a bus, whether you are doing the conversion yourself or leaving it up to professional converters, or if you are simply upgrading your current land yacht with a new toy or needed appliance or part...

then that makes you a BUS NUT!

And this Facebook Fan Page has been built especially for you.

We at BNO thank you for taking the time to come and visit us and we sincerely hope that your stay here is a pleasant one.

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Thank You.

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