VERY TOUCHING STORY!!!!!!!!!! My name is John.
I had a best friend by name Michael.
Our friendship was stronger than that of brothers, we schooled, ate, played and did everything together and our parents were so proud of us we always stood and fought for each other whenever trouble arose and 'happiness' was our best friend cos we were always happy.
One day, I took a woman and decided to marry not knowing that............. As time went on, we got busy planning for our wedding and my best friend was so happy for me, just like I was also wishing him to find his own partner for marriage so that he wouldn't feel so lonely after I get married to my wife.
Few weeks to our wedding, Michael visited me but met my absence. My wife-to-be was at home and Michael was not so relaxed without me but I asked him to wait at my house until I returned. To my surprise, I got home and he wasn't there, only for my wife to tell me that my best friend was trying to rape her. I believed her bcos I loved her so much and this got me so mad.
Quickly, I drove down to Michael's house and before he could say a word, I hit him with a bottle of flower pot which he sustained a serious brain injury and he got admitted at the hospital.
On going back to my house, I heard my wife speaking on the phone, "Don't worry Joyce, he believed everything I told him and I'm sure they're already fighting now". Joyce was a girl that was dying to have Michael back in our school days but he didn't want to date her so that our friendship wont be jeopardized.
She was surprised when she ended the call only to see me behind her. I rushed out without saying a word, running and hoping my best friend forgives me but it all went tragic when the doctors told me he died after a brain surgery. I weep everyday I wake up and I feel like killing myself. HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID???? >This is what happens, the devil brings spirits of confusion whenever he sees us happy and we fail to realize this.
Now I DECLARE to someone reading this, any spirit of confusion in your life/family, be destroyed in Jesus Christ powerful name I pray, AMEN!! Please don't scroll down without typing "AMEN" to this and SHARE for others to read