UNIFOR Local 88 (Official Group)

This is the official Facebook Group for Unifor Local 88, intended to keep members informed of relevant news of a union, industry, automotive, political and social justice nature.

See local news, calendar and contact information at www.unifor88.ca
Twitter: @UniforLocal88

Opinions representing the local union shall be expressed by UNIFOR Local 88 Executive Board or have the approval of the UNIFOR Local 88 Executive Board.

Comments which may be considered hate speech, racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory language which directly contravenes union policy and which the poster ought to reasonably know are unwelcome or unwanted will be removed. Personal attacks are not permitted and will be removed. Libelous/defamatory comments are not permitted and will be removed. Repeat offenders will be removed from the group.

This group is meant for members of all units of UNIFOR Local 88. We cannot guarantee that the content of this group will be 100% confidential.

Please be aware that Facebook may be considered an extension of the workplace and comments could be subject to disciplinary/legal action by the employer.

Because of this members are cautioned to govern their comments carefully.

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