Cedarburg Community & Resale

This is a group for Cedarburg families who wish to sell, buy, swap or donate. Also feel free to share Cedarburg happenings. This is a closed group but all are welcome to join and add members.

Helpful Hints To The Group:

1. When looking for something the easiest way is at the top right of the page where the magnifying glass is. Just type a keyword or name you remember and hopefully what you are looking for will pop up!!

2. If you ever just want to scroll pics in the order they were posted you can Click on the title of the group at the top of the page then click the photos button and every pic will come up newest to oldest. From there just click on a pic you want to see or comment on. You can also delete pics this way. This is much faster than scrolling the wall especially if your on your cell and looking for something posted a few days (or longer) ago.

3. PLEASE DELETE SOLD ITEMS!!! FYI: how to delete your post/photo when sold: From the wall go to your picture! Above your picture across from your name will be an arrow thingy you can click on and it will give you the option to delete. It will delete your post & picture with all the comments all at once.

4. When uploading your pics PLEASE LIMIT YOUR BUMPING TO ONCE A WEEK!! When you have a LOT of single pics to bump and you do it more often than weekly that's so unfair to the person only posting a pic or two. Their pics get lost in all yours. Also please delete your bumping comments immediately! Your pic will still go to the top even after you delete the bump comment. Having a bunch of bumping comments will cause to people to not even look at it because they will assume all those comments are someone arranging pick up.

5. Please bump your items rather than reposting them. If you do repost, please delete your original posts.