Beyond Tradition Horsemanship

This group is created for people to come and talk about their horses, give advice when wanted, exchange ideas and thoughts. I am a firm believer in a more natural approach as opposed to the tough traditional way to go about dealing with problems and handling your horse. I ride bit free and training aid free. No spurs, tie downs, crops, long shanked bits...I personally feel that the more training aids you use, the more it reflects on your lack of good horsemanship. With that being said, all forms of horsemanship will be welcomed, as well as good discussion.

I have found some good trainers that have really helped me understand the horse and its way of thinking. Rick Gore was a major influence for me to go bitless and Clinton Anderson has done wonders for my understanding of my horses. I have met several very close friends through a Facebook horse group and I hope to meet more. Please invite people to join :)