Kamloops Fishing and Hunting barter/swap

Looking for hunting/fishing gear? Got something to sell or swap?
Offroad vehicles/motorbikes/quads/sleds etc...

Admins : Alexander Gleis

Any questions always feel free to PM Admins

This group isn't just a barter group. You can buy/sell/trade or make any kind of (legal) deal that you wish to do.

We have a few basic rules.

1) All people involved in buying/selling firearms MUST have a valid PAL/Rpal or PAL with proper prohib class.

1a) The only exception is, if you are the executor of a estate and selling items from the state. Please be willing to prove you are in a legal position to do this. Thank you

2) No douchebagery. No calling other people names, starting fights or telling someone their item is over priced. If you do not like the item or its price, please refrain from commenting and move on to next ad.

3) Please limit bumping to once a week. As the page grows, we will look at possibly increasing the frequency of bumping.

Just a few basic rules and may be added to in the future if the need arises.

Updated October 15/2013

Thanks everyone for joining