1. We are a Worshiping Church
We are a Church that consistently takes part in experiences of God’s love and forgiveness and is unashamed to present our love to God. As a Church, we seek to lead others to truly see, hear and experience God’s presence and to show how they, too, can be confident in discovering, responding and expressing their love to God.

2. We are a Healing Church
We are a Church that testifies of the wholeness that God gives to the hurt, the sick and the lost. As a Church, we recognize the power and willingness of the Great Physician to heal the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wounds of every man, woman and child and thus undertake to be used as both testimonies and instruments of His healing.

3. We are a Soul-Winning Church
We are a Church whose heart is to see each man with the eyes of eternity. As a Church, we witness for our Lord and teach others to witness for the Lord so that, for eternity’s sake, souls are won not just for the Kingdom but for the King of kings.

4. We are a Praying Church
We are a Church whose backbone is prayer. As a Church, we, along with others in the Body of Christ, plot with the Lord in prayer for the battles that have yet to be fought but are already won.

5. We are a Visionary Church
We are a Church that looks toward the future. As a Church, we concede the futility of walking and planning without God’s revelation. Hence, we endeavor, by example, to show the way to others so that, they too, can live out lives governed by vision.

6. We are a Spirit-Filled Church
We are a Church whose way of life is to seek out the Spirit’s baptism as well as His anointing in everything – sharing, preaching, writing, teaching, praying, listening, performing, and so forth. As a Church, we educate others to guide them into resolving for themselves that any ministry without the flight plan of the Spirit is a misdirected ministry that will never really hit God’s mark.

7. We are a Nation-loving Church
We are a Church whose conviction is that our own nation is our God-given Jerusalem. As a Church, we’ve made it our drilled principle to be uncompromising about God’s statutes for our country so that, by honoring Him in every pillar – government, business and economics, education, science and technology, media and entertainment, arts, church and family - we can persuade and disciple others to also choose to be instruments in freeing our nation from its curse of corruption, poverty, violence and immorality.

8. We are a Faith-filled Church
We are a Church that trusts in the revealed truths of God. As a Church, we steadfastly devote ourselves in leading others to believe, with confidence, in who and what God is, that is, to have authentic faith.

9. We are a Prophetic Church
We are a Church that is led by a man who is a mouthpiece of God to the nation and to the Body of Christ. As a Church, we have been enabled by God to identify for others what God has set to do and what He wants to be done. Thus, we demonstrate to others how to also step out in faith in obedience not just to the prophecy of God’s chosen men and women but, ultimately, in obedience to the will of God.

10. We are an Apostolic Church
We are a Church that has painstakingly identified the necessity of operating under the apostolic offices in order to glorify the Lord with true excellence. As a Church, we condition ourselves and others to hone the knowledge, wisdom and character necessary to achieve exceptional merit as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers for the Lord.

11. We are a Giving Church
We are a Church that counts the cost and gives what costs us so much – in terms of money, possessions, time, faith, patience, hope, understanding and love. As a Church, we help others to distinguish, act out and test with us the joy of giving with open unsparing palms.

12. We are a Serving Church
We are a Church that agrees and follows the truth that true discipleship to the Lord compels servitude. As a Church, we pattern our minds, hearts and wills – and disciple others as well – to reach as His hands and walk as His feet no matter to what class, race or creed we belong.