Flathead Free Stuff

This group is for free items only that others wish to "gift". One mans trash is another mans treasure! The person posting will randomly chose a person interested in their item to gift to. Any items gifted in this group are not to be resold or will result in Removal. There are many people in the community in need so feel free to post ISO's! This group is to promote free giving amongst the community & strengthen bonds between members through kindness. Were all here to help one another. Anything goes... Household, clothes, food, hygiene, toys, literally ANYTHING so feel free to post. (With the exception of Cellphone/phonecard ISO's, Gofundme, business ads, phones/phone cards, Cash/gas, gift cards, housing & job searches) This group will only survive from it's members participation & helping keep the page active :) No gift is too big or too small! Please always be kind & respectful to others & keep negative comments, opinions & judgmental statements to ones self. Also just so there's not a weeks wait, please gift your item within 24 hours! Any and all posts that don't directly correlate with pure, FREE gifting- no strings attached, nothing in return, promotions, etc will be deleted! This totally takes away the goal & intent of this group. Any questions or concerns can be taken to an admin, thanks for joining!