Slow Cooker Recipes For The Opinionated

This group is all about discussing and sharing ALL food & drink recipes and related subjects. Slow cooker is our main theme but ANY foodie talk is welcome. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Instant ban in place. But open frank discussions are. If we as admin feel a discussion is going the wrong way, we will try to steer it in the right direction. If this doesn't work, the post will be removed without debate. Please respect admin for this.
If you are easily offended this group isn't for you.
Please be aware of how your posts read to others, please do not make personal comments about anybody or anything. Best way to my opinion....
Remember, we are all different, we have different likes & dislikes be respectful.

Please add recipe files and photos of recipes into the correct albums so others can browse and share your lovely dishes.

Remember no question is a stupid question.

Do not start posts with an apology or a request for people to be kind: this group is unlike any other & as prev said, bad manners & rudeness will not be tolerated. Feel safe & comfortable to post what you want without the fear of nasty reprisals.

But above all, have fun & enjoy.

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Slow cooker chats, discussions and sharing of recipes and ideas. If easily offended, a bully, keyboard warrior or uneducated this group isn't for you. Everyone else is welcome!