Bonners Ferry Craft and Artist Group

Create a community of Crafter's and Artist that support each other and the local market of Bonners Ferry, Idaho area.

Provide a network of active individuals of like minds and talents to share and exchange ideas about crafting and artworks. A place to promote and post items for exchange or sale in the category of Crafts or Artwork of various kinds.

All items are to be works of the artist or crafter and handmade in nature for posting to this group.

This is a closed facebook group and membership is granted to individuals upon request. But open for public viewing. Admin approves all posts and all posts have to provide subject of local Artist or Crafters. No Auction Posting, You can post photo of items, pricing and contact info on how you sell your items or direct sell. The group does not have any responsibility of your deals or sell on the group. That is between the various parties.

We felt a group for local area artist and crafters was needed to show your items throughout the year outside of shows and events that may be your only avenue of getting your products out there. This is a voluntary effort and hope this can run smoothly with little maintenance of the admins. If you have any questions feel free to ask but keep in mind response will be when around the computer and not crafting.

Please keep post polite and respectful, No spamming of items and minimal posting of pictures for your item to be displayed. Just use respect in your posts so as to be fair to all involved in the group.