Keep Mr Moriarty in Lisbon High

Mr Moriarty, my favorite teacher, has been told that he will not be getting his job back next year. To me this is wrong and unjust. Mr Moriarty has made English enjoyable to me and many other students. I used to hate English, in fact, it was for many years my most hated subject. I now actually look forward to English each day because of him.
The school's reasoning behind not keeping him is because other people have more years teaching. That may be true but that's no reason to get rid of him. How did other people get more years of teaching? Of course, by allowing them to continue to teach. More so, how do you plan to teach students who hate the class? Try as the school may try it's nearly impossible to teach someone who doesn't want to learn.
This group stands here as a testament to him and his teachings. Feel free to speak up fellow students of Lisbon High.