Young Business Mastermind - Tasmania

Welcome to Young Business Mastermind!

I created this group so like-minded young small business owners and entrepreneurs can help and support each other, ask questions, build relationships, collaborate and celebrate each other's win in business.

Let's help each other in business and start collaborating more in Tasmania through business, inspiration and ideas.

Please no spamming. If you spam you will be deleted and banned from the group. No exceptions.

Read the group rules in the files section.

Ethan Hoare


Every week we will be having specific days which you can post on topics.

Make sure to put the #tag after your post on the specific days.

Tuesday - #PromoTuesday - Promote your page, product, service or offers.

Wednesday - #WeaknessWednesday - Post what are you struggling with.

Friday - #FeedbackFriday - Get feedback on a product, idea or website.

On any day feel free to post awesome articles, useful tools, questions or huge wins in business. As a group lets try and genuinely answer each other posts.