Cooking for Health

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This is a group created out of the needs for knowledge with regards to cooking and food, that might be of useful to the prevention or cure of certain disease and sickness.

Members can post photos and share recipes of their cooking or dishes that they created out of they own knowledge or inherited recipe for the benefit of other members.

Members can also post dishes or remedies that they had been given and create testimonials so that other members can also try should there be any need to do so.

However, what works on John may not be good on Tom, as such, it is important that Members who browse the postings here clearly understood the fact that the postings may not be clinically testified or medically confirmed to be effective as a cure or even remedy and that this group should not be hold responsible on any complication or whatsoever discomfort or even death arising from the recipes posted on the group.

Please do not use this group as an avenue for any business related to health food supplementary business such as MLM, Direct Sales and etc. Please also do not promote any quacks remedy to members of the group.

Please do not play doctors in this group unless you are qualify to practice. Any form of medical advise should come from the qualified professional.