Maverick Wives

A place for wives of Maverick Truck Drivers. A POSITIVE place to know we are not alone - there are wives out there just like us.

*This page is managed by me, a Maverick Wife. There are employees of Maverick on this page as well as Maverick Transportation LLC. Please keep that in mind when posting anything. They are on here to answer any questions we may have and support us in any way.* I am not responsible for anything you post that may been seen by Maverick.

Profanity is allowed. Please don't post nude photos, or anything illegal. Please keep those on your personal page.

Conversations and difference of opinions are good. We learn from one another. Keep this in mind when posting. I will not delete the post or ban you if you have a debate with someone. Just do not call them a twat waffle, that will get you removed.

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Be sure to tell your driver there is a page for them as well

This is a positive place and will keep it that way.