Gastric Bypass Support & Encouragement

This is a "Family Friendly" Gastric Bypass CLOSED / PRIVATE Group for the purpose of sharing information to support and encourage each other on our weight loss journey. Please keep things tasteful and respectful as we do have a few users who are younger. And, some parents are on here to help their teens who will be having or have had this process.

The purpose of this group is for information & support and should never be construed as medical advice. Please always CONSULT A DOCTOR, your surgeon, or other appropriate Medical Professional such as Dietitian and/or Nutritionist FIRST. Be informed that the information obtained from this forum is merely based on the sharing of our journey experiences.

Because each surgeon, nutritionist, dietitian or surgery center is different, there are no right or wrong answers on certain topics. Just know that what works for one, may not work for another. We have members of all ages, and members of all stages in their journeys, please be respectful of how you approach a topic.

On the note that every surgery center is different, some are more informative or more strict than others. Please help support those who may not know some basic information as many are trying to learn. Please help encourage and support as many try to learn. And for patients.... "BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE!"