Republican Health Care Plan

Its time to get the message out there. The Republicans have a plan now we have to bring it to the American People.

C Steven Tucker: Out of the more than 25 Republican proposed alternatives to Obamacare, there are two that I favor the most. One was proposed shortly before Obamacare by President George W. Bush in 2007. It was unfortunately swept into the dustbin of history when the Democrats took control of the House, Senate and Presidency in 2008. It is as close to the perfect solution as any one has come yet. I will link it and the excellent commentary about it by Dr. Avik Roy below.

The second Republican proposed alternative to Obamacare that I favor is the most recent which was proposed by the Republican Study Committee. It is entitled the "American Healthcare Reform Act" and other than the provision that proposes Med Mal reform on a federal level (which is unconstitutional) I support all of the rest. It is short, concise and a nearly perfect proposal for REAL health insurance and health care reform.