New Albany, Ohio Garage Sale

This site is intended for the sale of items in the New Albany area as defined by the school district for geographical purposes.

The site is not intended for advertising purposes of businesses or products. Advertising is strictly prohibited unless it is intended for a larger garage sale (see rules).

Please make sure you read the rules before you begin using the site. A copy can be found in the "files" tab above.

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DISCLAIMER (in addition to those noted in rules)

The administration is not responsible for the sale or purchase of any items on this site. The transaction is between the seller and buyer only and all risks are assumed by the purchaser of each item.

The condition of items should be clearly stated by the seller with any imperfections or issues disclosed in the post as required by the rules.

Anyone found to knowingly and willingly post items that are defective without disclosing it to the seller will be removed from the site.

Anyone who knowingly and willingly violates the rules and overall "good faith" understanding of the site will be removed.