Enclave and Friends

Enclave and Friends is to help all Enclavers - past, present and future - to stay in touch and share information.


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I've recently been asked what this “Enclave and Friends” group is for. I got the idea for this group during Typhoon Nari in mid Oct-2013. During the typhoon, the electricity in my neighborhood was cut off for more than two days. My laptop with a 3G dongle quickly ran out of battery in just several hours. My phone with an extra battery charger could only help me stay online for a few more hours. I was alone and desperately wanted to know if my friends were OK. I texted each and every friend in my FaceBook. Of course, it was frustrating, battery-draining and time-consuming, to say the least. I even had to ask others to do chain-texting for me. The problems only spread over to others. Shortly after Nari, “Enclave and Friends” was born.

Frankly, I wasn't fond of FaceBook to begin with. Later with FaceBook on phones, Nari helped me find a good use for it. During a natural disaster, “Enclave and Friends” can help you to tell your friends that you’re fine. Also, you can text the group to see if anyone nearby can come to your aids or ask for a ride back to your hometown before a storm makes landfall where you are.

I've extended invitations to the groups to many friends and acquaintances in and outside Danang. The idea of a helping hand should work all over the world. We should also extend the meaning of “a helping hand” to “helping a friend”. For example, you can help a friend in the group to land a job.

I sincerely hope that “Enclave and Friends” will be beneficial to us all. A friend in need is always a friend indeed.

Have a Happy Tet and a Prosperous and Successful New Year.

My best regards,