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Jean Poyner Marilyn Cronshaw was Lindley
and John Duckworth
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We want to see as many pictures of Stockport both past and present. Tell us your childhood memories of growing up here. Enjoy the site, enjoy the banter. All we ask is that you keep it clean and respect all members. No Deliberate company advertising is allowed and will often bring instant blocking from the site ! However, events for charities also local events will be considered BUT ONLY upon request .Bad Language , Slanderous Remarks or racist remarks in any way shape or form will hold an instant and permanent ban from Stockport Memories !! Bullying will not be tolerated !! This is a Memories Site and not a " lets beat up the council " site , any threads relating to politics in any way shape of form will be instantly removed . If you have any concerns about this group please don't hesitate to contact one of the admins BUT ONLY via a personal message and NOT ! on the page for all to get involved in. Any member believed to be encouraging disagreements deliberately will be banned. No actions will take place without first informing the person in question, be it a removal of thread, a comment or anything else.
We continually try to do our job with the utmost respect and thought for everyone connected to SM and we expect nothing less in return .
We are here to assist you in any way that we can or are able to do. But most of all we want you to have this chance to enjoy your memories and help others to enjoy theirs too............

Thank you for your continued support and just
Keep adding your friends and relatives !! Lets get to that 10,000 mark then this will be The Best and even BIGGER group online !!!!


Jean , Marilyn and John