Quark Universe

'Quark Tips for Youtubers' are running a video competition for 4th of July!
The prize is currently 1000 quarks! Simply post your OWN Quark related video on this page.
It will be added to the competition.
https://www.facebook.com/QuarkTipsforYoutubers Rules:
1. The video must be your own original creation.
2. It must be related to quark.
3. The Facebook account that posts the video will receive all the quarks, teams are allowed but they must manage the prize splitting themselves.
4. The winner will be decided ultimately by the page operators, community opinion may be considered in this decision.
5. The winner will be decided at 24:00 on the 4th August GMT+0 timezone. This competition is run by the QuarkTipsforYoutubers page and is not affiliated in any way with facebook.