The Obsessed Weather Misfits

This is for anyone who wants to learn about Tropical weather and Natural Phenomena - like Volcanoes and Earthquakes & how to tell the difference between Scuds, Tornadoes, wall clouds, etc. If you enjoy watching the Storm Chasing sites, YT, Severe, TVN, StormScape Live TV, ChaserTV and any other sites you are welcome here. If you are a "newbie" to watching these sites you can come here to find answers to many of your questions or if you just want to talk among friends about the weather. We welcome you.

The following Statement is to keep everyone informed on what we want for this Group especially for the “Newcomers” to the Misfits Group.

We have no STRICT Rules here, we just ask that we ALL keep it Clean and Friendly, Absolutely No Filthy or Abusive Language, No Drama, No Name Calling, No Fighting, etc., and Please No Trolling.

These sort of things WILL NOT BE TOLERATED here. If we hear, see or read anything that does not belong here, You Will Be Given 2 warnings and the 3 will Result in being removed as a member of the Group.

We want everybody here to be able to have a good time here, but we also want all of us to be able to learn different things from our members. This is all we ask.

We LOVE having each and everyone of you here with us and we hope you will invite someone you might know who likes the same things we all do.

ADMINS: Cheryl A. Stallard, Sharon Merkel-Colyer, Irene Carmichael, David Saurer, Ron Edgar, Ashley McCoy, Ashley Summers Koester, Jason Rohrer and Nick Dubb H.