Ethiopia Homeland Travel and Birth Family Contact

** This group is for ADOPTION RELATED HOMELAND TRIPS to Ethiopia. It is open ONLY to those connected to Ethiopian adoption: adoptive parents, adoptees, birth parents. If you fall into one of these categories and are not approved in a timely fashion, please message one of the admins, or have a friend request your approval directly on the group. **

This is a group for adoptive families who are thinking about, or have completed, a trip back to Ethiopia with their children. This group provides a place for families to share information and resources to help with post-adoption, return trip planning and/or first/birth family contact.

**If your request to join the group is not approved within 24 hours, please check your "other" folder. Sometimes we need more information to approve a request to join.**

Due to the sensitive issues that can sometimes be involved with trips back to Ethiopia, this group is restricted to families who have already adopted children from the country.

Ethiopian first/birth family members are also welcome to join the group. Please message the moderators for more information.

A small number of non-adoption triad Ethiopian members might be invited to join, such as social workers or others who support first/birth families or are involved in family preservation or contact. The moderators, as a group, will approve these members on a case-by-case basis. Our hope is that we can learn and benefit from any insights they can share about first families. These members will not include adoption agency employees.

On this group, we will discuss connecting with first/birth family and/or planning the trip, including airlines, hotels and guesthouses, itineraries, costs and kid-friendly activities in Ethiopia. We will also share what worked or didn't work for families and provide travel tips. We will talk about the emotional aspects of traveling back to Ethiopia and some families may wish to discuss meetings with first/birth families here.

To protect the privacy of children, first/birth families and adoptive families, information shared in this group should be treated as private and confidential; sharing information about first/birth families off-group will result in banning. Please do not engage in personal attacks or flaming; doing so will result in the loss of group membership. We ask that members refrain from fundraising and religious references on the group. No advertising by suppliers is permitted, but discussions regarding service providers in Ethiopia for the purpose of assessing whether they are appropriate for your family are welcome.

If you have applied to join this group, but have not been approved, please check your "other" folder. To approve your membership, we might have messaged you to ask for more information to ensure you meet the membership criteria.