Gazza Cartwright

In loving memory of Gareth Inglesby Cartwright - "Gazza"

20 May 1983 - 4 October 2001

Gaz always lived an honest and open life. He was an incredible friend to all those who knew him, and he put his loyalty to family and friends above everything else.

He gave 100% to the activities he loved - Rollerblading, Shaolin Kung Fu and the Hip Hop culture. Gazza strived to do his best in all aspects of his life, whether it was improving his body and mind, or getting a phone number (and a date) from whichever beautiful girl currently had his interest.

Gazza passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident on the 4th of October 2001, just a short while before he was due to graduate from high school. However, he would not have wanted us to mourne his death, but rather to celebrate his life by living ours to the fullest.

He will remain in our thoughts and our hearts until the day we meet again.