Kieran Little for RAG 2013/14

Hi Bakewell

Some of you might recognise me, for those who don’t, I’m Kieran and I’m running to be your next RAG rep. I’m quite a noticeable person (for the moment) so if you want to have a chat, ask me any questions, anything, I promise I’m not as bad as I look..

Over the years I’ve done quite a lot of charity work, varying from raising money for charity on events, similar to RAG raids, for charities such as Breast Cancer Research, the Royal British Legion and local groups who help young people. Through to fundraising and completing expeditions in England, Europe, Africa and most memorably the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco where we funded and built a local school for the community. As such I feel I have some of the experiences necessary to keep Bakewell RAG the winning group we are, and maybe even add to our totals this year!

Personally I believe that although RAG raids currently raise record breaking amounts of money, there are areas in which they could be improved, areas such as:

Their organisation, more notice of RAG raids would allow more people to participate, this is an area I’m particularly keen on working on as several people have mentioned it to me already.

More democratic charity selection, we, as the mighty Bakewell, surely have opinions on who we would like to raise money for. All charity work is to a truly good cause, but a charity close to our hearts would really make us shake our buckets.

Greater variety of opportunities, whilst activities such as raids are very different from Lost or climbing Kili, I personally have been involved in charity work abroad such as building a school in Morocco. Opportunities such as this could widen RAG’s appeal even more.

RAG mementos, everyone wants to remember that special day where they raised the most for charity, a Bakewell RAG recognition award for those involved just as a thank you for all your hard work.

Thanks very much Bakewell, I hope I’ve done enough to make you want to vote

RAG it up Bakewell! x