Arizona Marine Society

Welcome to the Arizona Marine Society page. We have changed our name as our purpose and plan has changed. Our page was created for the locals by the locals with the express purpose of bringing our community together. We will not be adding out of state vendors or any other business that does not have a store front. So please refrain from adding their advertising on our page. We want to focus on the local stores that help us out on a sometimes daily basis with the knowledge and advice they impart to us as well as the awesome stuff they bring to us regularly. Most of us got our start at one or more of the local stores over the years and our goal is to return the support they have shown us over the years. We have worked with some of the local stores and teamed up exclusively to offer a Store Appreciation Card that will be available to purchase from the club. This card will offer special discounts and offers from the stores on a monthly basis and will be good at all participating stores for every month. Not just one store on one month. We also plan to have club meetings eventually to help bring our reefing and saltwater community together. The money made from the Store Appreciation Card will be re invested back into the community by way of purchase of equipment that will be available for rental ( PAR meter, fish trap etc..). We also plan to use most of the money to re invest into the stores by purchasing larger colonies of nicer corals and cutting them up so more people have a chance to own choice pieces. All club members are encouraged to offer up ideas on what corals they would like to see purchased. All of the frags will be sold and none will be retained by the club. Then the money will be re invested into more corals again and so on. None of this money goes to any club member as this is not for our profit but intended to enrich our community. We also want to encourage all member to donate to the Emergency Equipment Collection to help other reefers in need. We will not tolerate any negativity toward each other on this site, we will give warnings or ban at our discretion. Feel free to PM an admin if you have any questions. Please refrain from pictures of alcohol, firearms.