Puppies Available For Rehoming, Rescue Or Adoption in UK / Europe

Some people's circumstances require that they will take on a rescue but it has to be a puppy or young (up to 1yrs old). This could be due to a number of factors such as integration with children, cats etc. This group is for those looking to rehome/find homes for puppies or young dogs. Many of these puppies are desperately looking for their forever homes. We brought back a 5month puppy from Greece, it was the best thing we could've ever done! Please help if you can... If you click on the pictures you can find out more about each dog via the person who posted the original thread & you are then able to contact them direct through their orgnisation. You can also share to your own wall or add people to the group.

This group may feature puppies from the Uk or abroad & please feel free to share rescue puppies needing homes to the group.

It is much easier than you may think to adopt a puppy from abroad, the first thing to do is contact the rescue organisation as each has it's own policies. You do this by clicking on the relevant photo & making contact with the poster. Almost all puppies come with an adoption pack which includes all their vaccinations, microchipping, passport and neutering depending on age. Often all that needs to be paid for is the transport. It really depends on where the dog is coming from and the rescue organisation that it's under.... From Greece the cost is around £250, from Cyprus the cost is between £250-£350 for a flight (depending of time of year, how many dogs on flight etc) & depending where the dog is there can be an adoption fee, from Romania the cost is £200 & in the Uk an adoption fee is normally around £170. Some of the dogs are already fully funded to fly to a new home in the Uk as you will see here on the group, so there are lots of options! All of these options are much less than the cost of buying a dog.

Flights into the UK come into airports that have an Animal Reception Center. Usually Gatwick, Heathrow or Manchester. Dogs coming from other countries i.e Greece may come via an animal transporter van which you can arrange to meet.

Please do think carefully about your circumstances & whether you might be able to offer a home. We don't want any dogs ending up unwanted over here! If you do decide to reserve through one of the rescues, do ask about the adoption package and make sure that it does include tests (leishmania, ehrlichia & heartworm in Cyprus for example). Also ask any other questions you may have i.e about cat testing etc
Once you have made up your mind about a puppy, you will be sent an adoption form to fill out to check suitability & to make sure that you have back up, a homecheck will be carried out & then theresuce organisation will the arrange the rest alongside you.

This is how Luna and our other dog came to the UK and we are also in the process of adopting two more. It is the most worthwhile and rewarding thing you could ever do. Thank you for reading!