Neverland Manila Ravers


The Neverland Manila Ravers is an independent entity which separates it from its members.

The member joins in the group at his free will. Upon joining, he waives any liability and claim against the Neverland Manila Ravers, its administrators and other members for property and personal damage suffered by the member as a result of his actions and decisions.

The Neverland Manila Ravers does not promote excessive alcohol drinking, use of prohibited drugs, and tolerate any act of violence.

This group is made to UNITE all the ravers that are going to Neverland Manila, but it is also open to the people who has the same passion.

-bawal na bawal po ang mag promote ng mga clubs. unless involve po ang Neverland Manila sa mga events. pwede lang po kung may mga guest DJ's po na international na bibisita sa bar na iyon.

-bawal din po mag post ng event kung hindi po rave ang pinag uusapan.

-about po sa mga merchandise, be sure po na related po sa RAVE.

Definition of RAVE:
-RAVE is "A Large Dance Party"

Peace Love Unity Respect
#PLUR #NeverlandManilaRavers