Libertyville/Vernon Hills/Grayslake North deaf Alumni

Hello everyone! As you can see we are still busy planning for this wonderful reunion!! Don't forget to register for the reunion which is coming up THIS July!! Remember that early bird deadline is April 15th! You will also be entered for a drawing to get a free room at the hotel if you register BEFORE April 15th! Send in your registration form along with your payment. If for some reason you are not able to print from your computer, please inbox any of the committee members your address and we will be happy to mail the forms to you. If you know of any alumni that is not on Facebook and would like to attend the reunion, please let us know their address as well. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you all in July! By the way, we DO accept payment plans! Please inform the committee ahead of time. Contact/inbox myself, Ku Ang, Lori Murray Krakora, Lauretta-Joseph Jr Winkler, Kim Musser-Quist, Terry Jo Scopa-Valenti, Laura J Nuccio, Mary-Don Doherty-Benvenuti, Gustavo-Mabel Diaz, Carol Morgan,