Pokemon XY Shiny Trades (no IV's)

The Original No IV's Group!
Please Read Discription:
Soul purpose of trading Shiny Pokemon. Please invite friends and share page to get more people!!! Doing giveaways for every 1,000+ members with the members number ending in XXX,500.

Spanish: No se permiten IVS!!!

OT: Kee Vang, Yin Yu, Matthew Aaron Palmer
Admins: Cat Abbot, Mireyea Marie Van Trump

Posting: Please do not post IV requests or IV Pokémon up for offer. You may post pics of IV Markings as long as not requesting IV's, refering to obtaining IV's, or refering to you having so many IV's (hence the group name). Please try not to request Looking for Kalos Born Only. You may request Gender, Ability, Nature, Nickname, or whatever crazy thing you guys wanna come up with. LOL. Please try not to request Egg Moves. Some people just want to collect that Pokemon. Failure to follow these rules will result in auto-ban.

No Posting Battle Ready/Competitive Ready Pokemon. This infers that they are high IV'd and you are most likely looking for other high IV Pokemon. Also no posting Boxes Pertaining IV's.

There are other groups out there for competitive IV Trading. If you are looking for IV's, you are in the wrong Group. Join the other groups. Please be respectful to others. Anyone reported posting IV requests will be removed from this group.

Please no Spamming. Spamming will result in auto-ban from the group. If someone wants what you are offering, they will reply.

Trustworthiness: If you are doing 2:1, 3:1 or whatever deal you've made, do it at your own risk. Please honor your word and do those trades. Any dishonesty will result in automatic ban. This group is not responsible for any PM negotiation trades. What you guys talk about is between you guys, hence "Personal Message."

Cloning/Shinifying: Please do not offer Shiny Services or Cloning Services on this page. Due to high scamming in relation with "Shinifying" or "Cloning," it is not permitted. We the Admins of this group are not RESPONSIBLE for any Pokemon Lost through this type of scam. If you would like to be on a trusted List, please join our Sister Group, PokeParty.

Group Advertising: Other Group Advertising is allowed.. No Spam. Spamming other Group Advertisement will result in auto-ban.

Posting trades for anything of money value will result in auto - ban with no warnings.

Giveaways: Anyone is allowed to do Giveaways on the Group. Feel free to share the love of Shiny Pokemon! If you don't not win, please be respectful of the Members giving away the Pokemon. Please do not be a bad sport! If a lot of Members are complaining about a person being a bad sport, that person will be banned. It's free Pokemon, play by their rules and you could win.

Admin: We are currently not looking for any Admins.

Be respectful of eachother and play nice. If you don't have something nice to say, keep it to yourself. Please do not use foul language. Foul language is prohibited here. Foul language may result in auto-ban without warning.
Happy trading!