Orange Grove Yard Sale,buy,sale, rules

This is a site to buy sale, and trade unused or unwanted items in the Orange Grove area and for the Orange Grove locals whom need help with something. NO BOGUS WEIGHT LOSS ADDS PLEASE & NO RANDOM POST LEADING YOU TO RANDOM WEBSITES OR SPAM YOU WILL BE BANNED PERMANENTLY!!! The,"no rules" thing mostly and only refers to that your post doesn't have to have every little detail. But DO AND PLEASE include all the info you can. PRICE AND LOCATION MUST BE INCLUDED, IF NOT IT JUST CONFUSES AN INDIVIDUAL. This page is for things you would find at yard sales. It's not a page for you to advertise your home based business, your store, etc. And please no Scentsy, Avon, or Jewlery in a Candle. There are other pages and web sites created specifically for them products. Now I dont mind babysitting posts or little side job posts or even an employer iso an employee (Would Not One Bit). I eventully would like to attract as many job openings/for hire post as possible because I'd think it'd benefit a lot of people! Once again this is for selling household items, childrens clothing, games, appliences, and vehicular items but I am very understanding I have allowed a lot of post that was kind of against the rules because these indiviuals had respect and asked me first and explained the product or job to me and in return these individuals EARNED my respect so I was MORE THAN HAPPY to allow the posts and will always be that way. I ask members questions and treat them with the UP MOST respect and expect it in return! I treat EVERYONE as if I would like to be treated. As soon as I read or sense an ounce of drama in this group BOTH parties will be banned 0 tolerence. I am very much obliged that you guys wanted to join this group and I DO NOT want drama to be the first y'all see while trying to go on this page/your group to sell a car or something. . Thanks admin