Your From Coonabarabran When.......

Hi all well remember I said I would find the short story dad had written about his experience with the making of "THE SHIRALEE" well here is the story he wrote. “THE SHIRALEE.”
Interesting experiences.
In the 1950’s, Peter Zorgdrager was approached by the Ealing Studios, to produce and paint various props for the movie, “The Shiralee”, starring Peter Finch. A lot of sign writing was required to change names of shops etc in Binnaway and also at Scone.
I was given various jobs making props and painting them, such as a station mailbox, various road and name signs, guide posts, an old wooden gate and a cover for a neon sign at Jack Hodges Bakery at Binnaway. Jack Hodges name was replaced by I.Cheetam, only by name not by nature. Signs at the stock and station agency at Binnaway, had to be cleaned off the glass, and sign written with another name. After the film was made, it was necessary to clean that sign off and replace it with the original.
The advertising glass beer signs on the hotel walls, we too glossy and reflected too much light. These had to be dulled with the whites of eggs, beaten up and were sprayed onto the glass. This dried to a matt finish.
We saw the scene of the fight in front of the hotel being filmed. The original “Shiralee” was filmed in black and white, and a few scenes were filmed in the Coonabarabran main street, and also up at, and behind the old Coonabarabran Hospital.