Oregon Farmer's Swap

This group is dedicated exclusively to the trading of farming goods and services. Our intention is for money to not be involved, if you have nothing to trade and would like to offer money instead of items to a poster, please send them a private message with the offer instead of posting it directly in the discussion!  Please include in your post the following:Your locationThe distance you are willing to travelYour item(s) to tradeItem(s) you are looking to receiveRelevant pictures Please be polite courteous to other users, I know doing business this way involves bartering with each other which can be difficult and stressful to some people.  If you cannot come to an agreement with someone, move on. Do not be pushy and no name calling.  If you are having an issue with another user, please email or message me directly, do not post a "beware of buyer/seller" post here, there are other pages dedicated to such a thing. If someone is deserving of such a post, tell me in detail why, include screen shots and pictures if possible and I will remove them from the group if need be. Most importantly, have fun with other Oregon farmers and enjoy the locally grown/made items!  Also check out our websitehttp://oregonfarmersswap.wix.com/new-site-coming-soon