1. Irrespective of political identity Respect the fellow Members. Any disrespect shown towards members will be considerd as Personal Attack (PA).

It is expected that members do not take the help of PA for proving their points. If such methods are used then it will be under sole discretion of ADMINS and to take apt action

2. Use of Slangs is strictly prohibited.

3. Non-socio-political post, Advertisement (including the link/feed of other FB group) are not acceptable in post and comments. Sharing of other FB pages / other Fb group posters or comments or Pictures in comment or in initial post is not allowed.

4. No member can block any other member specially cant block any admin.

5. Do not "Spam" the Group Wall.

6. Do not "Provocate" others; Do a Healthy debate.

7. Do not Ignore Admin-Warning
8. Do not Attack any Admin (directly or Indirectly).

9. Do not modify any party or any political leaders name in derogatory manner.

10. It is mandatory that the members address any political leader with respect (either by full name or by any other convinient and socially accepted name of the leader).

Any post which shows disrespect towards any leader /party/ political ideology (in the from of post as well as visual or audio media will be deleted from the group wall .
Manuser Sathe CPI(M)