Pekanneut Boere Suid Afrika

Welcome to a group first of its kind and goodluck with your "gro...wing days".

This group has been established for pecan growers or anybody thats interested in growing pecans in South Africa.

The Pecan industry has grown to a large contributor of the South African agriculture and has given farmers an alternative to the "cash crops" such as maize, lucerne, wheat etc.

With many of South Africa's pecan orchards just started producing or still relative unproductive, South Africa is promising to become a world class Pecannut producer.

We started with our first pecan orchard 8 years ago and there was no forum to answer some of our questions and had to figure out a lot on our own and through personal experience.

What is the cost of setting up a orchard? What cultivars is the best suited for the South African climate? Which orchard outline is the best? Pest and weed problems and how do i deal with them? Where can I find the best equipment for orchard maintenance and harvesting?

I have initiated this correspondence to share as there is definitely a need for sharing information and advice.

Advertising your own produce, second hand implements, machines and nursed trees are welcome.

Thank you and welcome!

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