Emmunize Proactive PC Protection (Anti-Virus Software)

Emmunize takes a new and superior approach to PC protection. It protects against viruses, malware, and spyware through the creation of a "blacklist" and a "whitelist". No other anti-virus software out there today has such a proactive approach. Furthermore, Emmunize doesn't store files on you computer. It uses cloud computing technology to move the massive files off your hard drive that in turn speeds up your computer. It truly is the best product out there today.

Please explore the group and go to www.signup.allathome.com for more information. Emmunize allows you to become an agent and receive commissions when you tell a friend to sign up. You recieve a royalty every month that the customer stays with the company. For more information on how to become an agent and how the commission works go to www.signup.allathome.com