IHC Scout II's

A meeting place, gathering point, watering hole, outback pub... for other Scout II owners to gather, congregate, mingle, shoot the shit, brag, ask questions, or just find out more about what they have, what others have, how to do or find this or that, and general crap like that!

If you ask for advice, have others spend their time assisting and guiding you... then you take your Scout to a mechanic for him to solve it for you... save us from bothering and go elsewhere. Time and knowledge has actual value, so if it is offered for free... appreciate the fuck out of it.

Being an asshole is okay... within reason, but try to avoid being a dumbshit.

Enjoy, play nice, and spread the wealth... but please please please... DO NOT promote SCOUTPARTS.COM in any way at all.

Any effort to will result in immediate expulsion.

I do not approve of their tactics, think they rape the Scout community, and dislike them on the whole.

(if anyone IS promoting them... tell me and I will remove the post and boot member.)

Scout on...