Just English Language

Hello and welcome to "Just English Language" group. this group is made with the purpose of learning English. Everyone who shares whatever that relates to learning English is welcome to this group. Before taking part in the activities of the group, there are some rules that should be noted:
1. No one is allowed to ridicule other people religion
2. No one is allowed to advertise anything except for learning English advertisements, in addition, everyone who wants advertise learning English post is allowed to post it just once a day.
3. No member is allowed to insult other members
4. Since the members of this group are from all over the world, no member is allowed to speak any languages but English, as the name of the group implies
5. No member is allowed to advertise his or her page or group in comment of a post.
Important notification: any member who doesn't follow these rules will be banned from the group.
Best regards