Kingston Ontario & Area Yard Sales Open 24/7

This group is to buy and sell in the local Kingston Ontario Area.
No spamming allowed.
It is a Buy & Sell at your own risk.
No animals for sale to be posted unless approved by a admin. If you have my of my admins blocked then to stay in the group you need to unblock them.
If you set a time up with someone to pick up the item that you bought please make sure you pick it up OR atleast let the person know you are unable to make it.
Remember the person that is selling is expecting you to show up. They dont want to wait on you for a day, just as you will not want to wait for someone else.
NO AUCTIONing your stuff off in the group or having an event for an auction.
No EVENTS to be posted without approval from an admin first. If you have an event you want to post please send myself of one of my admins a message to see if it is ok to post. Needs to say. What event you are having. When you are having it. If it is for charity or not. Sorry for this but I don't want the group covered in events and people don't delete there posts. There are groups you can post in for these things.
The person selling has the right to say how long you have to pick the item up and if you do not show without talking to the person they DO have the right to repost the ad.
NO FIGHTING as it will lead to you being deleted from the group.
You can bump your item twice a day at the most.
This is for EVERYONE interested buying, selling or even trading
Anyone Spamming will be removed. Please Tag an admin if you feel someone should be removed from the group.
Clean and Friendly Group. You are welcome to invite people to join.
I will be keeping up with the group on my own time.
Note: If you try to get ahold of any admin and we dont get back to you right away please note that we will answer but we do have to work and have families and not always on our computers.
Any questions please feel free to ask.

Just an update for our members. No one has done this yet on our site but I will be adding it to the rules this week

Please don't not post weight loss ads, selling cakes etc or telling people about some job that makes you a ton of money in just one week of starting. You will be deleted from group right away. If you are unsure if what you want to post is about something along this line then please PM an admin and we will let you know.

You CAN post about a group you like or that you have started however admins will check it out and if we feel it is something we do not want in our group the link will be deleted.

Thank you everyone