Sacramento's i-VTEC Owner's Club

Welcome to Sacramento's i-VTEC Owner's Club!!

We are a group of enthusiasts originated and located in Sacramento. Most of our members own a K-series Honda or Acura hence the "i-VTEC Owner's Club" name. We like to organize local meets and barbecues just for a chance to hang out, eat, and help each other out. Most of us are friendly and willing to help.

We have members from around Stockton, Modesto, Tracy, San Jose, and many other cities close by Sacramento.

Rules are simple. Just don't be a jackass or piss people off and you should get along fine with most of us. There are several Admins available for assistance if needed. If you have a problem of issue with another member, please contact one of the Admins.

Regarding selling and buying in this club - do so at your own risk. Before exchanging cash, check, or credit card payments, make sure you know what you are buying. Our Admins can not legally regulate or enforce buy/sell exchanges between members. My advise is to research the item, research the seller, and meet in person in a wide open location with public cameras. Most of us are locals and we know each other well, but there are those who are shady and out to make a quick buck.

Once you have become a member, feel free to post relevant pictures and topics that you would like to discuss. Introduce yourself by posting a picture of your car. If you are reported spamming, you may be ejected from the club.

I totally support your freedom of speech and your likes/dislikes, but remember that there are various ways to say something unpleasant. So pick your responses appropriately.

Lastly, we have a little competition where we rank out 10 fastest cars (using drag strip times). There's no incentive for making the list. It's mainly used for bragging rights and a way for members to compete with one another. If you think your car is fast, hit the drag strip and prove it.

Again, welcome and enjoy your stay.

Tong Zong - Admin (Events Organizer)