Macomb County Area Market Swap

PLEASE READ THESE GUIDELINES WHEN JOINING OUR GROUP! This is only to help you buy or sell an item.

When posting an item for sale, IT MUST GO IN AN ALBUM. If it is posted to the wall, it will be deleted. Also, DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN ALBUM, these will be deleted as well.

Please price your items as if you were having a garage sale, we are all trying to get a good deal! And trust me, if you price it right, it will sell quicker!

To post a on photos on top of main page and then click on the appropriate album. Next, click on "add photo". Put a description of the item...size, price and if there are any defects. After that, if you type in a comment, it will pop up on the main page. Imperfections need to be posted. Be honest! We also discourage knowingly selling items that do not work. If you are going to post more than 1 photo of your item, please make sure to indicate that ppl need to post under the 1st picture, Interested, Otherwise you may have serveral different interests under all of your photos and it will get confusing for everyone!


If you are on a CELL phone, go to the web and go to Then on the upper left of the screen there are the three lines in the blue border. When you open that menu, scroll to the VERY says "English (UK) Desktop" in small print. When you press that, it takes you to the normal screen you see on a computer, and you can go to our group and be able to post in albums and comment on an item.

We will allow the photos in the albums for 1 month (30 days), after this time it will be removed. Please feel free to post the item again, maybe take a new picture, lower the price, etc. Let's keep the albums fresh!

No single posts. Pictures must be added to albums, or they will be deleted.

Once your item has SOLD, PLEASE REMOVE YOUR PHOTO. We can't stress this enough! This will help keep the albums less crowded with old items and help the administrators from taking alot of time to delete photos.

Select the album that your photo is in, and at the bottom right of the picture, In the black area screen, it will say options. Click on that and the bottom choice will be, REMOVE THIS PHOTO. Select this, and a pop up will say, are you sure you want to delete this? say yes.

When you find an item you are interested in, comment on the photo "INTERESTED" along with the sellers name. (if you type the @ sign and then their name, it should pop up.) Select it and start typing. You will see this on alot of the posts where the name is highlighted in blue.

NOTE: Asking general questions and NOT stating that you are interested means you will be skipped. This includes, "Maybe Interested, where are you located" etc. A better way would be to say...INTERESTED with Questions, and then you can decide if you still want the item.

Next you will need to send a personal message to the seller. It is up to the buyer to "PM" (private message) the seller. Some sellers have alot of items and it's hard to keep track of them all. By commenting " INTERESTED" on a photo, it becomes a commitment to that purchase unless stated to the seller. "Committment means: not to sell it to someone else who offered more, or sent you a private message." It just means that you are committed to sell it to that person who first showed interest. If they decide that they do not want the item for whatever reason, it would go to the next person. SELLERS and BUYERS..if someone says they are interested and haven't contacted you within a 48 hour time period, go ahead and give it to the next interested person.

We trust that everyone will follow through with their purchase and pick up. If you cannot meet the person after making plans, please let them know. We are all busy and with gas prices being so high, no one wants to waste their time or money when we are trying to save some!!

Sellers: if you have held the item and have sent numerous messages to the buyer and they are not getting back with you, pls feel free to re-list it. The time frame is up to your discretion!! This is YOUR business!!

3. If you are a Independant Representative for a home party company such as: Tupperware, Pampered Chef, 31, Scentsy, Lia Sophia, etc. Please DO NOT post your new items or advertise for your business...These types of posts will be deleted. By all means, if you have a home based company or other business that doesn't fall into this category, please post your business in the album!! We like to support Michigan based businesses.

4. If you do not want all of the emails, go up to "Edit Settings" and you can uncheck the boxes that say to contact you when a post is made.

5. NO guns/ammo for sale are allowed.

6. Items that you have purchased using WIC or Bridge Card or not allowed to be sold in our group. You can donate the items, but you are not allowed to sell them (per the law). This includes, formula, cereals, and foods. Thank you for understanding!

7. BUMPING is not allowed...This means adding a comment to your posting just to put it at the top of the page. You can only do this if you are lowering the price of an item, or putting "available again" if it was pending and they backed out. (it must have said pending in the post) . If you are selling more than 1 of the same item, please do not keep bumping with how many you have left. ***********This also applies to businesses. *********If you already have your information in the business section, do not continue to keep posting your information. If we see that you are continuing to do so, unfortunately, we will have to remove you from the group.

**If you are reducing your items by less than a $1.00 this is considered bumping....Your items will be deleted if this continues to happen.**

8. Please NO DRAMA...if you have an issue with someone, please try to rectify it with them in a personal message, not on our page. There is no reason to send a harassing personal message, text message, phone call, or constantly badger another member over an item. We are all adults here. So basically: if you have a poor transaction or no show...don't do business with them again. If you got something stained...don't do business with them again. If someone is rude to you...get over it and don't do business with them again. This is your business. The page was just created to help us all make a little money. Pretty much, it's like Craigslist, and there is no one to complain to on Craigslist and we no longer will take complaints.

We have the right to delete or ban a member for being dishonest. Please know that we do not just delete people unless its a justified reason as we are just looking out for our other members interest and safety!!

Be safe and use caution always when meeting in public. Take a friend with you! Always try to get the seller/buyer's phone number so that you can reach them if an emergency arises and you cannot meet.

If you have ANY questions, Just ask! Everyone in the group is willing to help!!!

Thanks everyone and happy buying/selling!!