Central Arkansas Vapor Trade

Welcome! This is a group where vapers and electronic cigarette related vendors in Arkansas can buy, sell, and trade vape related items. If you have some gear, juice or anything vape related that you wanna sell, trade or pay it forward (PIF).. you've come to the right place! Gear Inquiries are welcome as well, so if you are looking for gear, just ask!

18+ only! If you are aware or suspicious of minors under the age of 18, please report to an admin for investigation.

Moderators are monitoring the forum at all times. Rules will be enforced. Repeated behavior is subject to immediate banishment from the group.
Inactive posts or ads that have gone 2 weeks without activity or attempt to sale will be removed at admins discretion.

=To participate in this group you must read and agree to the following rules=:

Spamming will not be tolerated. If you've posted something that needs to be moved back up to the top, a friendly "bump" will suffice, do not repost. (1 bump per day)
If you are selling multiple items, put them all in ONE post to help keep down the clutter.

Keep all posts trade relevant, casual vape related conversation shall be done @CAV.

VENDORS- You are allowed 1 post per day and you must be offering a specific sale of an item, limited time sale or new product. Promotion of your company without the previously stated criteria is prohibited and moderators reserve full discretion of its abuse.
(Out of state vendors are subject to the discretion of Moderators.)

Authentic items and Clones shall be stated as such, failure to do this will get you a warning or just be deleted.
Fraudulent sales will get you banned.

Mod bashing, will not be tolerated, Wheaton's law will be enforced.

Sale of DIY eliquid is prohibited, but DIY gear with the exception of Nicotine is allowed.

No illegal activity/drug related gear, pics, videos or posts. No tolerance, you will get the banhammer.

No racist, homophobic, bigoted, sexist terms will be tolerated.

No trolling!!!

The owner, admin, moderators and anyone associated with Central Arkansas Vapers can not be held accountable for any fraudulent sale, damaged goods, loss or injury of any sort. By accepting your membership to this page you are acknowledging full responsibility for your actions.