Preloved Uniforms in Redbank Plains & Surrounding areas

This is a site only for pre-loved school uniforms. If you are in Redbank Plains or surrounding neighbour, feel free to post your uniforms for sale or wanted ads.

RULES: Use common sense and courtesy please. Any member who can't do this, please leave. This is not a group for arguments.

Buyer must put FIL/Sold Pending if interested in an item (asking a question will also put person FIL).

Seller has 12hrs to reply to buyer and arrange pick up time/date, otherwise it can be passed to NIL (next in line).

Seller must put PRICE, PICK UP SUBURB and PHOTO (otherwise add will not be approved). If more than 5 items, create an album. Album (or photos) can be bump once every 24hrs. (If you have an album, do not bump individuals photos).

Other than that, start buying/selling guys and be nice :)